2013.  4. 19 ( Ver 2.5.1 )
WallpaperMaster Pro ( SCREEN PRO), WallpaperMaster Lite (SCREEN ),
iWallpaper Maker, iWallpaper Maker Lite,

★ Urgent Notice ★
Loading bug fixes
If you do not work after the update.
Erased and re-install the app
Cant in the previous information remains.

2013.  4 ( Ver 2.5 )
WallpaperMaster Pro ( SCREEN PRO), WallpaperMaster Lite (SCREEN ),
iWallpaper Maker, iWallpaper Maker Lite,

★ Urgent Notice ★
We found out that an unexpected error has been detected after the update.
Please do not download 2.5 version we’re using now.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
We will try to solve this problem as soon as possible.

2012.  4
iFavorite Pro / Basic
It has been possible for most apps like us to create custom home screen shortcuts only via URLs provided by Apple.
However, setting shortcut functions we had used were not official service of Apple. Shortcut URLs were temporary as well.
We also feel sorry about that and we ask for your understanding regarding this matter.
We’re going to make more efforts to provide better quality services.
Thank you.

2011. 12. 15
Wallpaper Master
iLockScreen Maker which has led the popularity of the lock screen with the new way and creative designs makes a comeback under the new name of “Wallpaper Master” with more powerful new functions in 2012 in return for your interest and every kind of support.

Notice: iLockScreen Maker made by the is authentic. does NOT use the name of iLockScreen Maker anymore.
Imitations such as iLockScreens and iLockScreen do not absolutely relate to iLockScreen Maker of

iLockScreen Maker Pro/Basic
– We have recently received notification from Apple and we have been not allowed to use the name of Lock Screen anymore.
– The new version does not use the previous Apple logo and some images may be subject to change.
– Basic version will be switched to the Lite version of existing ads.
– Instead, we’re proving you with the enhanced Pro version for free for the month of December.
(Now, meet a newly born iLockWallpaper for free!)

2011. 11. 20
iLockScreen Maker Pro/Basic

A new development version of iLockScreen Maker have been completed.
Unfortunately, we have recently received notification regarding temporarily suspending service of iLockScreen Maker from Apple.
We apologize for any inconvenience. We’ll try to bring back to its former condition as soon as we can.

2011. 8. 10
1. iFavorite which can change the icons on the home screen was launched in August 3th

2. New theme wallpapers are expected to be launched in September or October.

3. We would like to thank those of you who have supported us. Thanks to all your support and interest, iLockScreen Maker, iWallpaper Maker are expected to be upgraded in this fall of 2011. We hope to get a lot of support from you.

4. Thanks to your interest and support, paid and free download accumulation of iLockScreen Maker, iWallpaper Maker has exceeded 650 million by the end of June. We appreciate your interest and support!

iLockScreen Maker

When YoungGam Communication launched a new App iLockScreen Maker, it topped the U.S. chart of Free Apps three out of its first five days.

– iLockScreen Maker was ranked 28th in the U.S. chart of Paid Apps in its first seven days
– During its release, it was downloaded two million times in 10 days.
– It was listed on “the latest Apps recommendation list” in 36 countries.

1.2 Update (coming soon)
– Added a Photo Delete Function.
– Changed the issue of text/images being cropped. Although the text may look cropped off during the preview, after saving, the text should appear complete.

iLockScreen Maker
– We recently realized that this App is NOT available on iPod3 even with the latest version of ISO because there is not enough memory available to perform Home Screen on an iPod Touch3. We apologize for any inconvenience and confusion this may have caused you.