iHeros lets you hear number of cool sound effects by using the advanced gravity sensor of device, which is excellent for detecting movement.

The sound cards of twelve different types will give you fantastic fun as if you became super heroes with cool weapons and supernatural powers in the movies.

Now, we invite you to the amazing world of iHeros.

☆ The main features and usage
– Swing sound effects: Move a device weakly.
– Hitting sound effects: Move a device strongly.
– Energies sound effects: Touch the middle of the sound card.
– Powerful amplification sound effects: Move a device strongly while touching the middle of the sound card.
– Experience: The more a user moves, the higher experience and ranking of the sound card go up.
(EXP will be reflected in the game center ranking after the scores are tallied up.)

☆ Twelve types of cards:
– Excalibur
– Laser Sword
– Electrical Whip
– Thunder Hammer
– Fairy wand
– Funny Punch
– Storm Force
– Spark Force
– Fire Force
– Ice Force
– Robot Punch
– Monster Punch

☆ Notice #1
Coins purchased in the app are preserved even if the App is erased and re-installed.
(Just the same equipment only)

☆ Notice #2
When you use the FX Sound Card,
1. Please hold your device not do miss it.
2. Please do not use your device in a narrow space or close to people not to bump stuff or someone and avoid injury.
3. Please do not move too fast and keep stable pose to prevent accidents
4. We disclaim all responsibility for damage caused by misuse and mistake of a user.

FX2-586 FX3-586 FX4-586 FX5-586


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